Rental Policies

Rental Period:

Minimum: Varies by equipment (please refer to our pricing guide)

Day Rate: 24 consecutive hours.

Week Rate: 7 consecutive days.

Month Rate: 30 consecutive days.

* Rent is charged for all time out, the time starts when you pick up the equipment and stops when you return to the store. You are charged for time out not time used.


On some rental items, rates and minimums are different at different stores. Please check with the individual store to get a firm quote on any of our products.

Metered Items:

Rates for equipment with meters on them (skid loaders, air compressors, etc.) are based on an 8 hour day, or a 40 hour week. Additional usage charges will apply.

Damage Waiver:

A non-refundable damage waiver of 8% is added to all rental contracts (except trucks). This damage waiver covers accidental breakage due to normal use. This is not insurance and does not cover loss, theft, misuse or abuse.


Required at time of pickup, except if a charge account has been established with us, prior to the rental. We accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa and Discover at all locations.


Vary by equipment, deposits are refunded when returned.


Reservations are always welcome, either by phone or by clicking on the request a quote link. Some of our equipment and party supplies require a 50% deposit to reserve. These reservation deposits are non-refundable if the reservation is canceled. We do understand that situations come up that are beyond anyones control, we will do our best to accommodate any changes that arise.


Delivery and pickup are available at reasonable rates, this varies with the equipment being delivered and the miles from our store. Please call us for a quote. All rental items should be gathered in a central location for pickup. We will also set up and take down most items, please call for this additional service.


Responsibility of rental items remains with the customer from pickup to return. All items should be secured and protected from the weather. We strive to keep our equipment in top working order, however like anything mechanical, problems can and will happen. If you ever have problems or questions please contact us right away, many questions can be solved over the phone. In some cases we will need to provide a replacement to get your job done. We will do everything possible to get you back up and working.