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Item Description



Chafing Dish, Rectangle 7 qt




Extra Food Pans

Chafing Dish, Round 5 qt

Electric Roaster, 18 qt



Gas Grill, 32" x 16"


Gas Grill, 52" x 19"

Charcoal Grill, 60" x 24"


Food Service

Beverage Service


Item Description



Plastic 11qt Punch Bowl



Glass 11qt Punch Bowl


42oz Coffee Server, White

60oz Water Pitcher, Plastic



1 Liter Wine Carafe, Glass

Item Description



  Food and Beverage Service

We offer lots of options for food and beverage services.  Any of the items below can be delivered with your tent order and stacked under the tent for you.  We take care of all the cleaning, we just ask that food service items are food free and any beverage service items have been emptied and dried.


Pancake Griddles, Gas

1/2 Liter Wine Carafe, Glass


Hog Roaster, Towable Gas


Igloo Water Cooler, 5 Gallon



Party Cooler


Keg Cooler


150qt Ice Chest Cooler


Fill N Chill Table


Portable Bar


Item Description



36 Cup Coffee Maker



55 Cup Coffee Maker (Stainless)


100 Cup Coffee Maker


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