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Our Rope and Pole tents require a center pole, ropes and stakes for stability.  These tents are only usable on a surface where stakes can be driven into the ground such as grass, gravel or asphalt.  These tents are recommended for coverage from light rain or shade from the sun.  All tents come in white only.  See our available sizes below:

Available Sizes

  • 40' x 40'
  • 40' x 60'
  • 40' x 80'
  • 40' x 100'
  • 40' x 120'


If you are looking for options to set up on your concrete driveway, go to our Frame Tents page see see your options

  Large Rope & Pole Tent (40' Wide)

We set up and deliver.  Please call or e-mail for pricing

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